The Biggest Thing That Kills Your Prayers & How to Get Rid of It Immediately

You've probably killed some of your prayers over your lifetime. I know I have! So what's the biggest thing that kills your prayers & how are you supposed to get rid of it?

Without a's doubt!

We want to believe God's blessings.

But we don't.

How messed up is that?!

We sing about believing in the blessings and favor of God, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty, we don't believe all the way.

Sometimes the reason we don't believe all the way is because we've experienced delay.

But hey, even Jesus had to wait sometimes for his prayers to be answered. Who says it always comes immediately?

When Jesus spoke to the fig tree (Matthew 21:20) and told it to die - it didn't happen right away. Not that moment. Not 5 minutes later. Not 1 hour later. Nope. It wasn't even that night. It was the next day! That's when Peter came waltzing by and saw the results of Jesus' prayer.

Matthew 11:20

20 The next morning as Jesus was passing by with his followers, they saw the fig tree dry and dead, even to the roots.21 Peter remembered the tree and said to Jesus, "Teacher, look! The fig tree you cursed is dry and dead!"

Prayers aren't always answered instantly. I love what Laura, one of my blog readers said, "God doesn't put a done-meter on the outside of a sick person". But that doesn't mean prayer isn't working.

The tough thing is that waiting can cause us to doubt. But that's the very thing that will stop your payer from being answered.

Jesus said, speak to the mountain…if you believe in your heart and not doubt, the mountain will move.

Matthew 11:22

Jesus answered, "Have faith in God. I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, 'Go, fall into the sea.' And if you have no doubts in your mind and believe that what you say will happen, God will do it for you. So I tell you to believe that you have received the things you ask for in prayer, and God will give them to you. (NCV)

Could it be any clearer? Don't let the waiting cause you to doubt. Waiting is sometimes necessary. Only God knows why. But if Jesus had to wait, then sometimes we will too. Here's a little action plan:

  • Believe when you pray
  • Keep believing
  • Keep believing some more
  • Don't let delay cause doubt
  • Hang in there till it it happens

That's how it works. If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for us. 

Look forward to the day when you come waltzing by the thing you spoke to and see that it did what you told it to do! Get rid of doubt so it doesn't kill your prayer.




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  2. Hi Pastor, I was wondering if you are going to do ahtinyng on Sunday, the 11th for the 10th Anniv. of the Twin Towers tragedy. We are playing at the 8 am and I don’t know if I am suppose to have a moment of silence or say something, or what. I would imagine that Barry would be better at saying a prayer for it than me, so let us know. I planned to ask you tomorrow night, but I bet I forget !! Thanks, MPS Jim did a splendid job at our rehearsal tonight helping us find our sound settings. What a neat new system . we are VERY happy!!