3 Reasons Praying Out Loud Gets the Enemy Off Your Back


Do most of your prayers take place inside your head? If you're like me, I have a running conversation with God all day long and a lot of it takes place inside my mind via my thoughts. And while that's good, there are reasons why praying out loud will get the enemy off your back. Let me show you why this is so powerful.

It's sort of like this... If I simply have loving thoughts about my husband Ted, all day long but never share them with him out loud - he would have no idea how much I love him. Ted obviously can't read my mind. Only God can. The enemy has the same disadvantage and that's why praying out loud is important.

Here's Why it Gets Him Off Your Back:

1. They Enemy Can't Get Inside Your Head

Satan can send thoughts your way, but he doesn't know what you're thinking. Since he's not omnipotent like God, he can only go by what he sees you doing. He has no super-powers in your mind. That's why he studies your behavior and how you respond to things. Then he tries his influence by getting you to think incorrectly.

Since he can't get inside your head, praying outloud let's him in on your thoughts. And if they are Godly thoughts filled with the truth of God's Word - you have amunition against him and he knows it.

2. The Enemy Needs to Know Where You Stand On an Issue

Letting the enemy know where you stand is important so he knows you're not going to lean over into his camp. That's why you need to speak out loud what you believe. You get the upper hand when you audiably say what you are believing.

When you continually take a stand on something over and over and over again, he is going to back off. Show him you're not going to budge!

3. Praying Out Loud Solidifies Your Stand in Your Own Mind

After you say something out loud - it's out there! It makes you accountable. You will most likely stick with it because you made a public declaration. This is powerful. It's a win for you and a loss for him!

James 4:7b ...Stand against the devil and the devil will run from you.

Audible Ways to Take a Stand & Get the Enemy Off Your Back:

  • Thank God for your salvation (So the enemy knows you know who you are in Christ)
  • Declare God's goodness (So he knows you know it's God who is good to you)
  • Thank God for being your provider (So the enemy knows you don't take the credit for what you have)
  • Thank God for giving you success (So the enemy knows you give God glory for what He does through you)
  • Declare God is giving you wisdom (So the enemy knows you are seeking God for His plan not your own)
  • Worship God out loud (So the enemy knows you honor God above all else in your life)

Praying out loud gives you an enormous butt-kicking advantage! It lets the devil know what you believe and where you stand. So go for it! Pray out loud and you will make the enemy back off and yes, give 'em a good butt kicking!