Are You Following Your Own Directions When You Pray or God’s?

I bought a new razor. Took it out of the wrapper. Jumped in the shower. Removed the guard over the blade, popped it in the handle and tried to use it. I say tried, because the stinking thing wouldn't work. I shaved one leg but still had stubble. What was the deal?

This was a brand new razor. I tried the razor one more time. Rinsed the remaining shaving cream off my leg. Still stubble. Ok, now I'm miffed, and feeling like I wasted my money. And worse, I have no razor with which to get a nice clean shave.

I jumped out of the shower, and grabbed the packaging that I had tossed in the trash so I could return it. When I looked at the directions on the packaging I noticed I had not put the blade on the handle correctly. It was upside down.

No wonder it wouldn't work. I was the one that wasn't working right. I didn't follow the package instructions.

I learned a lesson that day. Don't blame the creator of a product if you aren't following the directions. I didn't use the razor the way it was designed to be used; yet I was still expecting the razor to give me the results I wanted. And I was blaming the razor!

Know what? Sometimes we do this with prayer.

Many of us don't follow God's directions when we pray yet when prayer doesn't work, we blame God.

Fact: There are laws God put in place that govern what he will do for you and I. God isn't going to do what he told us to do.

And we wonder what the problem is. The problem is us. You. Me. We just don't do what we need to do to make things happen. Then we secretly think God failed us. We get bitter and blame him for not answering our prayer.

God is good. He wants to bless you beyond measure. But he won't violate the laws he has already put in place to give you what you need. You need to follow the instructions he has issued. Don't get upset with him if you know the cure but refuse to follow the treatment.

The Biggest Reason God Isn't Answering Your Prayers Could Be This:

You're not following his directions concerning what you need.

5 Examples of How You May Not Be Following His Directions When Praying:

1. Asking God to make the devil leave you alone.

James 4:7 says, Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. NLT

He told you how to do it - resist him. God doesn't have to lay a finger. He's already intervened. Now you do your part. Tell the devil you're not interested in what he has to say. Resist him.

2. Asking God to heal people. He commanded you to go heal the sick.

Matt 10:8 says, Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. NLT

Go lay hands on them and command their healing to take place. You don't have to ask.

3. Asking God for peace when he tells you how to get it.

Isa 26:3 says, You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! NLT

Fix your thoughts on God and give him your trust and peace will be yours.

John 14:27a says, I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart.

Christ said he's already given you peace. No need to pray it - take it.

4. Asking God for the power to receive what his Word says you already have.

Isaiah 54:17 says, No weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you.

Psalms 8:6 says, You gave them charge of everything you made, putting all things under their authority.

You don't have to ask for the blessings God's already promised you. Take your God given authority and tell your circumstances to line up with what God's Word says they should do.

5. Praying for relief yet you continue doing the very thing that causes your problem.

Galatians 6:7 says, Don’t be misled—you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.

Don't expect financial prosperity if you are blowing your money on grown up toys and running up your credit card debt on things you don’t need. Or don't expect God to heal you of lung disease if you keep smoking and refuse to stop. Don’t pray for God to make you all buff and muscly if you won’t work out. You get the picture. Sow what you want to reap.

You got this. Go do it. Follow God's directions instead of your own and you'll see more prayers answered.

Chime in. We’d love to hear from you. What could be other reasons God isn’t answering your prayers? How have you been following your own directions when you pray?

3 Reasons Praying Out Loud Gets the Enemy Off Your Back


Do most of your prayers take place inside your head? If you're like me, I have a running conversation with God all day long and a lot of it takes place inside my mind via my thoughts. And while that's good, there are reasons why praying out loud will get the enemy off your back. Let me show you why this is so powerful.

It's sort of like this... If I simply have loving thoughts about my husband Ted, all day long but never share them with him out loud - he would have no idea how much I love him. Ted obviously can't read my mind. Only God can. The enemy has the same disadvantage and that's why praying out loud is important.

Here's Why it Gets Him Off Your Back:

1. They Enemy Can't Get Inside Your Head

Satan can send thoughts your way, but he doesn't know what you're thinking. Since he's not omnipotent like God, he can only go by what he sees you doing. He has no super-powers in your mind. That's why he studies your behavior and how you respond to things. Then he tries his influence by getting you to think incorrectly.

Since he can't get inside your head, praying outloud let's him in on your thoughts. And if they are Godly thoughts filled with the truth of God's Word - you have amunition against him and he knows it.

2. The Enemy Needs to Know Where You Stand On an Issue

Letting the enemy know where you stand is important so he knows you're not going to lean over into his camp. That's why you need to speak out loud what you believe. You get the upper hand when you audiably say what you are believing.

When you continually take a stand on something over and over and over again, he is going to back off. Show him you're not going to budge!

3. Praying Out Loud Solidifies Your Stand in Your Own Mind

After you say something out loud - it's out there! It makes you accountable. You will most likely stick with it because you made a public declaration. This is powerful. It's a win for you and a loss for him!

James 4:7b ...Stand against the devil and the devil will run from you.

Audible Ways to Take a Stand & Get the Enemy Off Your Back:

  • Thank God for your salvation (So the enemy knows you know who you are in Christ)
  • Declare God's goodness (So he knows you know it's God who is good to you)
  • Thank God for being your provider (So the enemy knows you don't take the credit for what you have)
  • Thank God for giving you success (So the enemy knows you give God glory for what He does through you)
  • Declare God is giving you wisdom (So the enemy knows you are seeking God for His plan not your own)
  • Worship God out loud (So the enemy knows you honor God above all else in your life)

Praying out loud gives you an enormous butt-kicking advantage! It lets the devil know what you believe and where you stand. So go for it! Pray out loud and you will make the enemy back off and yes, give 'em a good butt kicking!