How God Uses You Through Prayer

Prayer is like improv theater. Ever watched "Who's Line Is It Anyway"? That show had me rolling on the floor! The American version of the popular British improvisational comedy show starred Drew Carey as the host. Carey would take suggestions from the audience and assign roles and scenarios to the comedian contestants, who then improvised a skit on the spot. If you need a good laugh, Google it. The reruns will have you in stitches!

In kind of the same way, C.S. Lewis wrote this about prayer and I just love it. In effect, he said,

The scene and the general outline of the story is fixed by the author (God), but certain minor details are left for the actors to improvise. It may be a mystery why He should allow us to be a change agent of sorts.

What Lewis was describing is like a scene from "Who's Line Is It Anyway" or any other improv theater. It's as if God gives us the outline but we are left to improvise. And we do so by our prayers. God uses prayer as the method to make things happen.

Why would God use prayer as the method of change?

I can only guess. But this I know: God made things happen with his words. He made things, created things, and changed things with the words he spoke. How did he create the world? By speaking it into existence. Words spoken bring change.

The Bible says we are called to imitate God.

If we are to do life like him, it's no surprise then that prayer is the method he chooses for us to intervene in the world. By our prayers we speak. And when we do, things take shape. Things move. Things happen. If it's the method God himself chose, it makes sense then that it's the method he chooses for us to use as well. He wants us to be like him. To speak like him.

Jesus told a fig tree to wither up and die. It listened. The next time he passed by - it was a goner! In fact, Jesus tells us to speak to the mountains that stand in our way. You can check it out. Look what Jesus told them:

I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible." Matthew 17:20 NLT

He actually instructed us to tell whatever stands in our way "where to go"! Bet there's a lot of people you'd like to tell where to go! Do it. But be nice!

Mark Batterson says in his book, The Circle Maker,

We control our world through prayer. What we speak occurs. Prayer is prophesy.

Prophesy is speaking something that is going to come to pass. Wow! If you have faith to make something happen by speaking to it - look out!

So prayer is like grabbing the outline that God has ordained and improvising or fleshing out the scene with our prayers. It's his method. When we use it, we change the world. Cool that he let's us do that!

And we don't just get to do it, we were told to do it. Genesis 1:26 (KJV) says,

Let us make man inn our image, in our likeness; and let them have dominion…over all the earth.

When God gave man dominion, he gave him the freedom to act as his authority figure on earth. So again, it's as if God sets the stage with the outline of his will. And we are the actors who improvise as we take dominion over the earth. We are told to make things happen, to take charge. This is why we pray. And this is why prayer changes things. And this is how God uses you through prayer.

Get ready to speak your lines. Prayer is not your prerogative; it's your assignment.

Who's line is it anyway?….It's yours. Speak!

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What do you think about the idea that you get to improvise with your prayers and make things happen on the earth? What have you prayed for that recently took shape? Go to the comment section above the post and share with us. Looking forward to reading what you have to say!

Dr. Linda





  1. Maria Anthony says:

    This is a great article. I love all the different angles you use to illustrate Bible truths.

  2. Hello everyone, this is Giebel or Larry Giebelhaus for those of you who don’t know who Giebel is. I watned to take a moment to say “Thank You” to all of you who have written. You encourage Linda and myself every day. You are so loved and we want to bless each and every one of you; so I’m asking the Lord to pour out His blessings upon you all. Thank you for your love and support and keep those comments coming.I’d like to share something that I am reading and repeating to Linda and myself each and every day. It is from a devotional Kenneth and Gloria Copeland wrote called Faith To Faith. We truly believe in Four Words that I’m about to share. Mark 11:24 says…”Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”To some that may be a challenging verse, but actually that’s the key to everything in the kingdom of God. It’s the way we tap into the very power of Almighty God. I think most of us know that, but do we really know how to put it into action?As the Copeland’s say, it’s actually very simple, it’s startling. It’s as simple as saying, “I believe I receive.”When we begin saying and believing this, something happens in our spirit. I don’t understand how, but it does. It’s like, I don’t understand how my digestive system knows what to do when I swallow something but it does. All I have to do is take a bite of food and it goes to work. I don’t have to make it happen, or I don’t have to feel it happen. It just happens. That’s the way our bodies are made.In much the same way, when you feed on God’s precious promises and “swallow” them into your spirit by saying, “I believe I receive,” faith is released within us. We don’t have to make it happen, we don’t have to feel it happen, it just happens. The reborn spirit is made that way.When you constantly say with your mouth, “I believe I receive my healing” or “I believe I receive my basic needs,” and quote the scriptures that back those things, faith is released to bring power to bear on those needs.Dr. Kenneth Hagin says, you need to “keep the switch of faith turned on.” He and the Copeland’s have discovered that speaking out the phrase, “I believe I receive,” is one way to do it. They say it when they pray, and now so do we. I believe God’s word, He is truth. When we face dark days and we feel like God is hiding from us, that’s when we need to say it the loudest…”I believe I receive.” As I continue to grow deeper in my faith through this journey, I think about a lot of things and these four words are one of them. Try incorporating them into your vocabulary. I think you’ll soon discover that they just make work for you! Have a Blessed Day in the Lord!Larry Giebelhaus