Are These Things Keeping You From Praying & Reading Your Bible?

Are These Things Keeping You From Praying & Reading Your Bible?
The next time you think you don't have time for prayer, think again. Could it be that you have the time stashed away but you don't know where to find it? Let's investigate and I'll show you how you can grab the time you want for prayer and Bible reading without it becoming a difficult task.

Little Things Can Keep You From the Big Things

Like tons of other believers, you probably have time to fill your day with small things which are not vital to your spiritual health. If your time is filled with the little things, you will end up ignoring the big things that determine your health and success as a Christian believer.

How to Find Time to Pray & Read Your Bible

Here's some good news: the key to having more time to nourish your soul and bring growth to your Spiritual being is doable. Just take a little time from the little things and direct that time toward the big things - prayer and reading your Bible. If you do, you'll be growing leaps and bounds as a Christian, you'll be more at peace, and you will have more wins in life.

What's on your small list?

What are the small things you can stop doing or spend less time doing, so you can devote more time to the big thing you really want to focus on?

Could any of these be on your list:

-  Surfing the net?
-  Twitter?
-  Facebook?
-  IM’ing?
-  Instagram?
-  Groupon?
-  Texting?
-  Google+?
-  StumbleUpon?
-  LinkedIn?
-  Angry Birds?
-  Pinterest?
-  Solitaire?
-  Instantaneous email replies?
-  Reading/watching news sites?
-  Co-workers you like to chat with?
-  Magazines?
-  YouTube?
-  Badges or notifications on your phone?

-  TV?

Become a Little Snatcher!

You can find the time to pray and read your Bible, just snatch it away from the little things list and you'll have more time than you imagined! Becoming a little snatcher will help you focus.
What are you going to snatch off your "little things list" this week, so you have the time you need to spend with God?

Here's a Prayer Booster:
God, I really do want to spend time with you because I know you'll bring peace to my crazy world. I also want to be nourished in my spirit by reading your Word. Help me to zero in on some items on my "little things list" so I have time to pray, read my Bible, and just be with you. Show me what things I can stop or do less of to give you more time. I know time with you is always well spent. I also know that being with you will refuel me and give me what I need to face my day. Help me keep my prayer and Bible reading time front and center. Thank you, In Jesus Name.
Snatch away!
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