Prayer To Be More Effective Leader

Prayer to Be More Effective Leader

Picture This:

You've stepped up. You are among a smaller crowd now - the crowd of leaders. You've proven yourself faithful over little things, which has brought you bigger things. When you speak, people listen. When you lead, they follow. You are growing everyday. Learning from...Read More »

How Praying Psalm 34 Can Put Your World at Ease

Last night was one of those nights. The kind where I tossed and turned. Got up to go to the bathroom. Then needed a drink. Sleep was not on my horizon. Know what I mean? So when I can't sleep, I reach for my phone and listen to a podcast....Read More »

4 Things That Happen When You Trust God Completely

Trust. It's not easy to do, is it? Especially if you've been disappointed time after time after time. Let me show you 4 things that happen when you trust God completely with every area of your life.

A man just got married and was returning home with his wife. They were...Read More »

How To Ask For What You Want

Do you find it hard sometimes expressing your desires to God? Have you ever worried that God may find you pushy or demanding? Or worse, you fear that your prayer will be turned down? Here are 3 things that will help you when you're wondering, how to ask God for...Read More »

Little Prayer Tip Makes Your Prayers More Energized and Laser Targeted

When I was a kid I thought if I wasn’t praying on my knees - my prayers weren’t as powerful. Crazy thought, huh? Oh, you too? Yes, let’s be honest, we’ve all wondered if we had to be in a certain posture to experience potent prayer results.

I watched my grandma...Read More »

Ever Wondered, "Am I Out Here All Alone?"

You too?

Good, we're not alone after all!

If you've ever wondered, Has anyone else ever experienced the kinds of problems I'm experiencing right now, or am I out here all alone?...

No, you're not alone. I'm right there with ya!

I love that Hebrews 11 records people just like us who had to...Read More »

14 Ways to Get Your Thankful On

Yes, I know you're thankful. Or are you? If you're human, there's no shame in admitting that sometimes, it's difficult to remain thankful. So here's 14 Thankful Statements you can offer to God that will help you be thankful! No, it's not rocket science, but sometimes we all need a...Read More »

Your Chief Bible Pain Killer Webinar

What pain? The pain of Bible Reading & Prayer Plans that land you in guilt, cause stress, and leave you and keep you lacking in all areas of your life.

Just picture me as your "Chief Devotional Pain Killer!" 

In the next 2 days, I’m going to hold an exclusive online class...Read More »

The Secret to Prayer & Bible Reading is Sweatpants

So you want to bump up your prayer time, right? You want to get consistent with praying & daily Bible reading and get yourself into a good routine. Want to know the secret to pulling it off?


Not a sweatpants kinda guy or gal? No sweat. (ha ha) the point is...

Get...Read More »

How to Shoot Someone With Your Prayers - New Podcast Episode

You've got the itch to change someone's life, don't ya? I can tell. It's all over you. That hunger to matter. That desire to help. Yes! But how are you going to change someone's circumstances? Let me show you how you can immediately impact someone's life. And you can even do...Read More »

FREE Video Series From Prayer Rock-It Academy

What do you need today? Favor with your boss? Healing from pain? Bills to be paid? Whether it's peace, health, or provision... There's a big unknown key to prayer you need to unlock.


You need this...

FREE Video Series - Giving you 3 tactics you can use (that MOST...Read More »

4 Phrases That Will Push You Through A Tough Time

You wake up - but you're not so sure it's gonna be a great day. Times are tough for you and you're uncertain things are going to work out. Is that where you are today? If so, I've got 5 phrases that will push you...Read More »

How Do You Shut Down Voice of Accusation and Sweep Your Mistakes Under the Rug?

How Do You Shut Down Voice of Accusation and Sweep Your Mistakes Under the Rug?

Your sitting at a stop light. It's been 3 seconds since it turned red to green. The guy in front of you is not moving. Instead, he's looking at his phone. You're late. You're honking.

He doesn't...Read More »

Kicking Your Bad Habits & Addictions Without Willpower

When I was overweight, I tried, tried, and tried to tackle the problem on my own - using my willpower. I'd succeed for a few days but then cave in again to eating what wasn't in my best interests. How's that for putting it mildly?

I believed that if I...Read More »

If You're Waiting On God, You'll Be Disappointed

Have you ever said, “I’m waiting on God.”? Hmm, hate to be the one to break it to ya, but if that’s ever come out of your mouth, you’re gonna be disappointed. Big time.

So, on the subject of waiting, here’s a confession: I hate worship songs that are theologically incorrect....Read More »

Why God Doesn't Serve You Leftovers

Need a touch of God's mercy but not sure he's willing to give you a fresh dose? Good news: God doesn't do leftovers!

Read below or listen to the podcast.

I have a confession to make: The only time I like leftovers is when I’m not in the mood to...Read More »

4 Fast & Easy Peace Fixes Webinar Replay

If you missed the live webinar we hosted for you last week, I've got you covered!

Here's the link. Watch it here. And stick around till the end for something that you will love!

In this webinar you will learn 4 Fast & Easy Peace Fixes that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Did...Read More »

FREE Webinar: 4 EASY Full-Proof Keys to PEACE


Are Your Worries, Concerns, Or Fears Stealing Your Peace?

I have something for you then!

Jump in on this FREE Live Webinar and You'll Discover...

  • 4 EASY Full-Proof Keys to PEACE that you can use ANYTIME.
  • How to STOP the Peace-Stealers so you can get...Read More »

Get Your Hope-Dope Here

If you are down, discouraged, or hey - just sucking rug...THIS PODCAST IS FOR YOU.

Here's what I want you to do...

Picture This: You receive a...Read More »

How to Hang Onto Your Healing

How to Hang on to Your Healing

If you’re wondering how to hang on to your healing let me give you a few pointers!

Read More »

Does God Scare You

Does God Scare You?

Do you feel like you are never good enough, can never do enough, or never have enough faith for God to love and accept you?

  • If you are feeling like you are constantly under the watchful eye of a God who wants to catch you doing something wrong...
  • Or...Read More »

3 Things I know About You

Hey! I know you! And here's WHAT I know - that I want you to know too...

1. God is working behind-the-scenes on your behalf. Whether you realize it or not, he is turning the situation around for your good.

How I know this:

Romans 8:28
That's why we can be so sure...Read More »

How You Can Make Your Pastor Better - Yes, You!

Pastors Jeff & Amy Smith, City of Life Church

Want to blow the top off of everything you've ever done for your pastor and his or her ministry? You can help your pastor in ways that you aren't aware. And you...Read More »

Have You Ever Felt Like God Was a Grinch?

Ever felt like God was kind of shall we say…stingy? Grinch-like? Tight-fisted? Now, before you get yourself in a tizzy thinking I've gone sideways on God, you must read on. I'm here trying to help you...even if you've never admitted it out loud…we all (that's me too) at one time...Read More »

Your Faith is Mixed if Your Doing This

Do you have mixed faith?

Well, How do your prayers sound?

If your sending God mixed messages, it might look like this...

One anti-drug organization distributed some free pencils to schoolchildren. Sadly, it had the opposite effect than they intended.


The group passed out pencils with the printed message: "WAY TO COOL TO...Read More »

The Bionic Prayer that Packs Punch

Remember Steve Austin, the Bionic Man? Actually, he was called the Six Million Dollar Man. And his gal...she WAS the Bionic Woman. Those two super heroes were my all-time favorite's as a kid. Each on their own could fight off a dozen men bigger than they were with just...Read More »

The Answer Man Is Near You

You've broken it again. But God says, "We can fix this. Let me teach you. Let me show you how to handle your mistakes, your money problems, cranky loved-ones, and navigate long days. Let me teach you why people fight, why death comes, and why forgiveness is imperative." You...Read More »

Been Mistreated? ...How to Bless the Slime!

No doubt someone has messed with your stuff this week. Mistreated you, lied to you, stolen from you, hurt you. If not today, then maybe a couple days ago. Come on now, you know it's still under your skin. Want to figure out a way to get it out...Read More »

Here's a Pep-Talk From God if You're Feeling Down

Down? Discouraged? Not sure which way to go or what to do next? Here's a little something that will lift your spirits. Let's call it a pep talk from God. Read this little post with a

You know that feeling when you need to pray for something but there's this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you don't deserve to ask? Or maybe God's too busy with people who are really righteous to listen to you? Or, even if you do get...Read More »

Would God Let You Die of Starvation Like He Does Others?

Have you ever read a headline that said: Millions of Birds Dying of Starvation?

Nope… And you never will.

How can I be so sure?

Because God promises he would take care of them.

Matt 6:26 NLT:

Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food...Read More »

Can You Handle 5 Minutes of Prayer a Day? Me Either!

Can You Handle 5 Minutes of Prayer a Day?

I hope not! Why? Well, lets think of it this way…if I only prayed 5 minutes a day, I wouldn't be able to even scratch the surface of all my needs and the needs of other people I want to pray...Read More »

Your RSS Feed for Pray Like a Pro is In Danger - Do This Fast...

Danger is lurking in your RSS Feed. Yep, if you use Google Reader to access Pray Like a Pro updates, they're gonna be gone in just a few days. Google Reader is dying July 1st. Don't fret though, if you act fast, you can still subscribe...Read More »

Learn How to Pray By Trial & Error

When I was in high school, I worked at a little Italian pizza place. We served all kinds of Italian dishes, subs, and the...Read More »

How to Pray for a Miracle: The Craziest Prayer I Ever Prayed, "The Miracle of Dove Soap"

One of the craziest prayers I ever prayed was that God would never let my soap bottle run dry. Yeah, it's kind of reminiscent of the story in the Bible about the poor widow who was told to bake cakes for the prophet, Elisha. That...Read More »

Praying & Keeping Calm During Tornadoes & Disasters

Keep calm, are you kidding? Tornadoes, bombings, drive-by shootings. Deadly disease, sickness, lay-offs, kids running away from home. How do you keep calm with potentially devastating events  on your horizon? Stick with me, and I'll show you how you can keep calm by praying when dark things...Read More »

A Prayer Hack That Will Help You Love Your Messy Self

You're a mess you say? No problem. But that makes you not love yourself so much. Here's a prayer hack that will help you love your messy self!

Picture This:

You are no longer convinced...Read More »

A Picture of God's Protection & How to Pray For It

A Picture of God's Protection & How to Pray For It

I heard a story about a farmer who was surveying the damage a fire had caused to his farm. He walked all around the farm looking for anything he could salvage. It seemed hopeless as everything...Read More »

Are You're Sad, Depressed, Frustrated When Ending Your Prayer Time? This Will Help

One of the benefits of being a believer is getting to pour your heart out to God, right? True. Feels good to vent, and share your frustrations. And since God's ears are always open to your prayers, you've got an audience 24/7. That's more time than...Read More »

Are These Things Keeping You From Praying & Reading Your Bible?

Are These Things Keeping You From Praying & Reading Your Bible?
The next time you think you don't have time for prayer, think again. Could it be that you have the time stashed away but you don't know where to find it? Let's investigate and I'll show you how you...Read More »

Your Questions About Prayer Answered On The Radio Sunday!

I hear you! You've got questions about prayer... And I've got answers! Join me this Sunday as I will be the guest on the Healing Touch Radio Broadcast. I want you there with me so you can get your questions answered and kick your prayers up into...Read More »

How to Pray for Depression to Go Away

Are you feeling down? It's ok. Well, not really because you want to feel better, right? I know. I've been there too. I've worked my way into some pretty dark tunnels in the past. Thankfully I found a way out. God's about to help you out of your dark...Read More »

20 Inspirational & Butt Kicking Quotes on Prayer

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration for your prayer life…or shall we say, kick in the pants?!

Still love me?

My desire, here at Pray Like a Pro, is for you to make prayer a running conversation with God all day long. Sometimes that's easy. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes...Read More »

Here's What Happens When You Pray Evil Out of Your Community

What happens when you pray evil out of your community?

Demolition crews arrive on the scene.

Oh true, it may not happen right away. But keep praying anyway and you will see evil move away.

Here's how it went down in my neighborhood:

Just a few miles from where my...Read More »

Find Out if Selfishness Fuels Your Prayer Life

To see if you’ve got some kind of selfish yuck motivating your prayers here’s a question for you: What fuels your prayer life?


Try This One:
Selfishness. Your prayers are all about you. No? Maybe? Let's look a little closer at what fuels your prayers by discovering...Read More »

The Ultimate Prayer-Play Book to Help You Win In Every Situation

My son's varsity basketball playbook is setting on the couch. So a few minutes ago I moseyed over there to take a look. Flipping though it I discovered a lot of detail. Man! I had no idea the plays he had to memorize!

That playbook's an asset he can refer...Read More »

When You Don't Know What to Say When You Pray - Try This!

We've all been there - at a place in our lives not knowing what to say when we pray. Just what do you say to God when your mouth is empty? What do you do when you just can't find the words to discuss your situation with God? Here's...Read More »

Making Prayer Sandwiches Can Help You Sleep Better & Start the Next Day Right

Ever had something gnawing atcha that kept you awake at night? A problem? A concern? A need? Let me show you how a prayer sandwich can help you sleep better. No joke, make one of these babies each day as you pray and you'll rest easy as soon as...Read More »

How to Pray for Bad Attitude Stinkers

Got a bad attitude and want to shed it?
Let me introduce you to a little gem of a verse that we can pray to get rid of our nasty stinky attitudes for good!

When I was a youth pastor many moons ago, I took our youth group out...Read More »

See If You Pray Prayers You Don't Need To Pray

Are your prayers fat? You know…stuffed with words you don't need? Let's see if you've ever prayed something that you didn't need to pray.

Here's a couple examples of "Fat Prayers" that contain words that are utterly useless:

  • Have you ever asked God to heal you when he says that...Read More »

How to Pray When Fear is Gripping You

If fear has it's grip on you,  let me show you how you can pray those fears away making you more confident, bolder, and gutsy! First you need to stir up your faith so you can begin to see what life would be like without fear...

Picture This:...Read More »

Prayer for Peaceful Family Time During the Holidays

Got a tad bit anxiety about your family having a peaceful time during the holidays? No worries. We've got you covered. In fact, here's how you can cover your family time in prayer during the Christmas season.

Picture this:
You're looking forward to your family getting...Read More »

This Could be the Game-Changer for Your Prayer Life

I'm about to drop something on you that could be the game-changer for your prayer life. 

Ready for something to shift when you pray?

I'm talking answers.

Ready for a fresh way to interact with God?

I'm talking awakening.

Ready for your faith to be bumped up to a whole new level?

I'm talking inspiration.

Ready to...Read More »

Top 7 Posts of the Year According to My Readers


Here's a flash from the past - the top 7 posts of the year according to my readers. Find something you may have missed that might be just what you need today. Enjoy. Or hey,  re-enjoy!!

  1. How You Might Be Reversing the Prayers You've Been Praying in Faith...Read More »

5 Ways You Can Slap Your Enemies Around With Prayer


We all have enemies, right? The Bible warns, “Beware when all men speak well of you!” No matter how loving and friendly you are - you'll always have an enemy just because you live and breathe. I hate to burst your bubble but Satan, well, he just hates you...Read More »

Prayer for You to See Yourself Successful Like God Sees You


How do you see yourself? Success or Failure? Does this contradict what God sees? God sees you as royalty. You may not feel like a king or queen today, but it's in you!

Let's look at how you can pray that you see yourself in a new way today. Put...Read More »

Your Prayer-Release Valve for Financial Pressure


Have you ever been in the squeeze of financial pressure and stress? Maybe you're there now. If so, you're not alone. There are millions of people right now in tight financial spots.

The good news is you, as a believer, have a rescuer. His name is Jesus. And he offers...Read More »

Why Spiritual Warfare Doesn't Work & What to Do Instead


You want to win the battle over the enemy and the forces of darkness, but let me tell you why spiritual warfare, as some know, doesn't work. And let me show you a better way. This is the way Paul and the disciples battled the enemy that cleared the...Read More »

Learn How to Shape Your Prayers God's Way - My Guest Post on Amanda Beth's Blog

Want to know how "Prayer Shaping" can help you get your prayers answered? Check out my guest post today on Amanda Beth's blog.

You'll discover:

1. How You Can Let God Shape Your Prayers

2. Approaching God Like Kids

This will help you get better at asking God to meet your needs....Read More »

3 Powerful Political Prayers You Can Pray That Will Make a Difference in the Elections

You can Make a Difference With Your Prayers During the Elections. Here are 3 Powerful Prayers You Can Pray Directing the Course of Politics & the Elections on November...Read More »

Are You Following Your Own Directions When You Pray or God's?

I bought a new razor. Took it out of the wrapper. Jumped in the shower. Removed the guard over the blade, popped it in the handle and tried to use it. I say tried, because the stinking thing wouldn't work. I shaved one leg but still had stubble. What...Read More »

Prayers on Steroids - Here's the Secret Sauce to Powerful Prayer

I want to share with you how you can have a powerful prayer life on steroids. Not everyone who prays gets the results they want because they don't go about it the right way. So I'm going to let you in on a secret that will get you results...Read More »

The Biggest Thing That Kills Your Prayers & How to Get Rid of It Immediately

You've probably killed some of your prayers over your lifetime. I know I have! So what's the biggest thing that kills your prayers & how are you supposed to get rid of it?

Without a's doubt!

We want to believe God's blessings.

But we don't.

How messed up is that?!

We sing about...Read More »

3 Reasons Praying Out Loud Gets the Enemy Off Your Back


Do most of your prayers take place inside your head? If you're like me, I have a running conversation with God all day long and a lot of it takes place inside my mind via my thoughts. And while that's good, there are...Read More »

How You Might Be Reversing the Prayers You’ve Been Praying in Faith

Have you ever found yourself saying the exact opposite of what you have been praying? Whoa Nelly! How can that be? Let me show you how negative statements can reverse the prayers you have been pleading to have answered.

One time when I was scheduled to speak at a conference...Read More »

Prayers Without Emotion Are Just as Powerful

Photo Credit:

Ever thought that your prayer had to be emotional to be effective?

I admit it feels good to have emotions wash over me when I am spending time with God. Sometimes I am moved to tears as I pour...Read More »

The Key to Growing Miracles with Your Prayers

Cassie Hendon

This is a guest post by Cassie Hendon. Cassie is a worship leader and assistant at City of Life Church, Kissimmee, Florida. (She's one of my favorite vocalists and passionately pursues God in a big way. Get to know her better and...Read More »

Why Doesn't Jesus Heal Today Like He Did in the Bible? He Does!

I hear people ask from time to time, "Why doesn't Jesus heal people today like he did in the Bible?"

If you've ever wondered...he does! You just don't always hear about it. Listen to this story from a lady named Patty Wallace that proves my point.

Patty's Story

3 Fear-Busting Prayers You Can Pray On the Fly

Photo: Google Images: Fear, The Record

Fear. If it's got its grip on you, pray these quick prayers to loosen it. Pray them every time you are faced with a fear or concern over your life or a situation. Watch as God comes to...Read More »

30 Second Prayers That Will Help the Colorado Theater Shooting

It doesn't take long to say a prayer that will change a situation. You can bring comfort, healing, and help to those affected by the Colorado Theater Shooting. Here are a few prayers you can put in motion TODAY that will impact the victims and their families...Read More »

You Were Meant to be A Prayer Hero - Here's How

Everyone wants to be a hero. You do too. Don't try to shrug it off. It's in your nature. You were made that way. If you haven't made a difference in someone's life lately, I'm here to give you a kick in pants. Let me show you how making...Read More »

When You Need a Break From Stress - Prayer Booster

When You Need a Break From Stress!

Bible Bite: Matthew 11:28-30 (NLT)

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and...Read More »

Why Pray When God Already Knows What You Need?


Are you thinking sometimes God plays dumb when you are obviously in need and he does nothing about it? He sees, right? The all-knowing God certainly knows when there is lack on your horizon. Then why doesn't he do something without your pressing him with requests?...Read More »

The Secret to Never Forgetting to Pray for Anyone. Guaranteed.

I'm driving in my car on my way to my next appointment. I pass a car that looks like it could be someone I know. Suddenly my mind wanders over into, "Hey, I wonder how her mom's chemo treatments are going?"  I think: "I'll have to remember to pray...Read More »

How God Uses You Through Prayer

Prayer is like improv theater. Ever watched "Who's Line Is It Anyway"? That show had me rolling on the floor! The American version of the popular British improvisational comedy show starred Drew Carey as the host. Carey would take suggestions from the audience and assign roles and scenarios to...Read More »

A Sure Way to Get People Praying For You

So you're going through a tough time. Life has sucked the snot out of you and you are barely crawling to the finish line. Well, maybe it's NOT that bad! But you are up against a wall in some...Read More »

How to Turn Your Wimpy Prayers Into Bold Ones

If you're thinking God is hard of hearing, then shout louder!

“Shout you say?”

“At God?”


When you don't think someone hears you, you inch the volume up a bit, right? And what you say becomes a little more, shall we say…forceful? Bolder? Like, "Hey, I'm speaking to you, listen-to-me" kinda voice.

This...Read More »

What Ripped Prom Pants Have to Do With Praying and Solving Your Problems

He had the pink rose corsage atop a glamorous rhinestone bracelet, he had the prom tickets, he had the stunning date. Everything was perfect.

Until he was about to walk out the door.
Then the scream.
“Yes, son?”
“I have a hole in the side of my suit...Read More »

Why Pray If Not All Prayers Get Answered?

Why pray if not all prayers get answered?

Because Jesus did.

Ask a kid, "Why do you ask your mommy for a cookie every day if she doesn't always give one to you?"

Answer:  “Because then I would never get a cookie. Even if she doesn't give it to me every day,...Read More »

Greetings from Dr. Linda Travelute!


I just wanted you to know that this site is currently under construction but I hope to have it fully up and running soon. Please drop by again...I am going to have some amazing life-changing stuff for you to carry out so that you too, can Pray Like a Pro!

In His Grip!

Dr....Read More »