Ever Wondered, “Am I Out Here All Alone?”

You too?

Good, we're not alone after all!

If you've ever wondered, Has anyone else ever experienced the kinds of problems I'm experiencing right now, or am I out here all alone?...

No, you're not alone. I'm right there with ya!

I love that Hebrews 11 records people just like us who had to fight and struggle as they waited for that thing they were "faithing" for to happen. Their walk of faith was a great big audacious challenge. Just like the one you and I are facing today.

And because those Old Testament saints stayed with it - yes, stayed with what God told them to do, stayed hopeful in the midst of bad news, stayed at it and didn't give up - even though they wanted to...

They got what they were waiting for!

Can you shout YIPPIE!!!

Ok, I'm being a little over the top, but seriously, WHAT IF today was the day you received what you've been praying for?

And the idea that you are not alone...wow! ...look at it in Hebrews 12:1. It says that "we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses".

The phrase "compassed about" is taken from a compound of the words peri and keimai, which is Greek to you, but the words mean around or to be completely encircled by something. The second part of the word keimai, means to lie down.

Put them together and this is what you get...

Something that has been piled high and is lying all around you on every side. This is a picture of being encircled by something that is stacked high on every side.

What's stacked high all around you on every side?

Witnesses who have been in your shoes, but hung in there and made it through. And they're watching on the sidelines of your life, so that you know, you can do it too, just like they did.

You're surrounded by people like:

  • Abraham
  • Sarah
  • Jacob
  • Noah
  • Joseph
  • Moses
  • Gideon
  • Barak
  • Samson
  • David

Hebrews 12:1 says there are so many of them that they are literally lying all around you! (Go here if you want to read the whole chapter.)

And if you look closely, you'll see that there are many of these "not-gonna-give-up" people living on the planet with you. Alive and well.

In fact, if you want to hear a really amazing story about one who was almost at the point of giving up...she received bad news, more bad news, and more bad news...but...

She hung in there and saw a miracle that charged her faith and it will charge your's too.

Check out this week's podcast, "What Can a Dog Teach You About Hope" and you'll hear the story of Murphy the Miracle Dog who had cancer.

HAD Cancer.

Past tense.

She's laying around you today too. Click here, if you want to hear her story and be encouraged in your fight.

Don't let the devil talk you into believing you're the only one who has faced what your going through right now. You're not alone! Email me if you want me to pray for you specifically. I'll add your name and situation to my personal prayer list.