Making Prayer Sandwiches Can Help You Sleep Better & Start the Next Day Right

Ever had something gnawing atcha that kept you awake at night? A problem? A concern? A need? Let me show you how a prayer sandwich can help you sleep better. No joke, make one of these babies each day as you pray and you'll rest easy as soon as your little head hits your pillow. And bonus - you'll start your next day right!

How do you assemble a prayer sandwich?

It's as simple as slapping two pieces of bread together with something in the middle. But in this case, we're using a morning prayer and an evening prayer sandwiched together with some really amazing filler in the middle of your day!

1. Laying down the 1st piece of your prayer sandwich:

Pray in the morning as soon as you wake up - thanking God for as many things as you can think of. Your health, your family, your friends, your car, your job. How about the fact that you had a bed to crawl out of? A coffee maker you are making your way toward that's going to give you a piping hot steamy cup of AHHH! Anything you can think of to thank God for is fair game for the first piece of bread in your prayer sandwich.

2. Laying down the meat of your prayer sandwich:

Pray about the events of your day. Your agenda and tasks. This is the meat of your sandwich because it's dealing with the meat of your day. The concerns and needs you have along with prayers for people you know and love. Don't forget the people you will cross paths with who need the love of Jesus.

3. Laying down the last piece of bread that completes the sandwich:

Before you go to bed, thank God for all he did for you today. Thank him for all that you accomplished. Then, give him all of your unsolved problems. Now this is important, because if you successfully unload all of your cares, big and small, dumping them into his lap, you won't need to wake up in the middle of the night worrying about them. You will sleep better - I promise!

When you sandwich your day with prayer - you will sleep better at night and start the next day right.

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How to Pray for Bad Attitude Stinkers

Got a bad attitude and want to shed it?
Let me introduce you to a little gem of a verse that we can pray to get rid of our nasty stinky attitudes for good!

When I was a youth pastor many moons ago, I took our youth group out to an area where homeless people lived so we could give them some food, toiletry items, and share the love of God with them. We made a lot of friends and this one guy in particular had a soft spot in my heart. His name was Shorty.

We picked Shorty up Sunday morning to take him to church and because he hadn't had a shower in a few weeks he smelled horrible. His hair was disgusting and his skin was encrusted with dirt. So I took him to our house to let him shower.

Filth Has to Come Off

Since his clothes smelled like something had died in them I searched for some clothes that fit him. I looked through my husband's closet and found an out fit. I was hoping that after he showered, he'd put it on. But as soon as Shorty got cleaned up he put his old, crusty, smelly clothes back on.

I said, Shorty, it's not going to do you any good to clean your body and put dirty clothes back on. I handed him my husband’s clothes and told him he could take the dirty clothes off and put on the clean clothes.

Have You Taken Off Dirty Attitudes & Put Them Back On?

This is what a lot of Christian believers do. Jesus washed us clean of all our sin and we put on a new robe of righteousness. But many people choose to reach back down and pick up old negative attitudes and stinking thinking the same way they did before they got saved. They are clean on the inside but their attitudes make them smell on the outside.

James 1:21 NLT:

So get rid of all the filth and evil in your lives, and humbly accept the word God has planted in your hearts, for it has the power to save your souls.

The word "filth" in this verse in the Greek is the word, "raparian". It describes a man whose body and clothes are so dirty that they smell disgusting to everyone near him.

James is describing a believer who is pessimistic, negative, uncooperative, and cynical. They just stink like crap! You've met people like this, I'm sure! Their attitude and disposition is so unpleasant it drives everyone away from them.

But could that also be you? Could it be me? If so, we - you and I, have to make the decision to "get rid of all the filth" - which is not referring to dirty clothes, but the stinking attitudes you and I may have.  We've got to lay down these attitudes and push them so far out of the way that we aren't able to reach down to pick them up again.

Push Away Attitudes Till They're Out of Reach

That's just what I did with Shorty's clothes. I didn't wash them. I tossed them out! I didn't want Shorty to have any chance of picking those filthy, crusty clothes up and putting them back on. And that's what we must do with our filthy attitudes. Let's pray that we push them so far out of the way we will be unable to pick them back up.

You can pray like this:

"God, thank you for washing me with the your Word, and what Jesus did for me on the cross. It makes me brand new. Forgive me for clinging to my old ways of thinking because they stink! Today, help me to drop those old bad attitudes and never pick them back up again. Right now, I let go of old stinking attitudes and ways of thinking. I ask you to help me think and behave in a way that is consistent with being a new creature in Christ. Because that's who I am!"

How Do You Know if YOU Have Bad Attitudes?

  1. Do people gravitate toward you or are they repulsed by your smell? (Hint, hint!)
  2. Do you talk more about negative things or positive things?
  3. Got any attitudes that smell to you? (Get rid of them before others detect the smell!)

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See If You Pray Prayers You Don’t Need To Pray

Are your prayers fat? You know…stuffed with words you don't need? Let's see if you've ever prayed something that you didn't need to pray.

Here's a couple examples of "Fat Prayers" that contain words that are utterly useless:

  • Have you ever asked God to heal you when he says that by his stripes you were healed?
  • Have you ever asked God to give you joy, peace, and love when the Word says you already have the fruit of the Spirit - love, joy, and peace?

If God has already promised something to you in his word, then you don't have to ask for it.

Then how do you pray?

Glad you asked!

Let's strip away the fat in your prayers:

1. If the Bible says it's yours, stop asking. 

If I gave you a cup of coffee you'd be pretty silly to ask, "Can I please drink my coffee?" You don't have to ask for something that you've already been given. If God's Word says you can have it, there's no need to ask.

2. Thank God for what he said you have.

When you thank God for what he's already provided through Christ's death on the cross, you are activating your faith. You can't thank God for something unless you believe you really have it, right? So just take God's word for it. Thank him that it's on the way to you, and your faith will grow for what you are believing for.

3. Say What the Bible says you have.

Got a specific need? Ok, grab your Bible concordance or use Google and search for scriptures that address your specific need. For example, if your finances have taken a plunge, look up finances or other words related to it and find scriptures that tell you what you are entitled to as a believer in Christ.

James says, "Above all else, I wish that you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers."

God inspired this scripture - he had James write it on his behalf, so it's safe to say, that's what God wants for you.

Now, say what God has given you. Talk about what the Bible says is yours. This will set it in motion because your faith-filled words have power. You could simply say, "I will prosper and be in good health, even as my soul prospers." There ya go! You are setting yourself up to receive that promise.

To Strip Away the Fat in Your Prayers That Make Them Useless: 

1. Stop asking for what you've already been given.

2. Thank God for what he has given you.

3. Speak about what he has given you.


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How to Pray When Fear is Gripping You

If fear has it's grip on you,  let me show you how you can pray those fears away making you more confident, bolder, and gutsy! First you need to stir up your faith so you can begin to see what life would be like without fear...

Picture This:

You are not intimidated by anyone or anything. You have a strong posture and walk with your shoulders back, chest out, and chin high. You have a positive outlook. Nothing rocks your boat. Sleepless nights are a thing of the past. You are no longer paralyzed by fear like you have been in recent years. You feel confident and full of courage.

Scripture This:

Isaiah 41:10:

Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

Psalm 112:7-8:

I am not afraid of receiving bad news; my faith is strong, and I trust in The Lord. I am not worried or afraid.

Proverbs 29:25:

The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever leans on, trusts in, and puts his confidence in the Lord is safe and set on high.

Luke 12:32:

Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom!

Pray This:

God, thank you that you are all I need. When I am discouraged, I will pray, and you will help me keep my head held high. Strengthen me and hold me up with your victorious right hand. I want to put my confidence in you, Lord. Keep me safe and set on high so I am not struck with fear. Thank you God, that if I fear you, I have nothing else to fear.

Say This:

I will not be afraid of receiving bad news. I know God is with me. I will not be seized with alarm or struck with fear. I am no longer discouraged. I will not fear any man. Instead, I will lean on, trust in, and put my confidence in the Lord. It's God's pleasure to give me the kingdom here on earth. I will not be shaken. Fear is no more.

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